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High-tech new items

High-tech new itemsTo start this new year on the right path, we propose you to take a look at our latest high-tech products.Fast ChargeTEA237M - Wireless charger fast charge Our smartphones are becoming more and more efficient and their energy... (Read full post)

DAB+ : quelle est cette dernière technologie du côté des appareils radio ?

DAB+ : quelle est cette dernière technologie du côté des appareils radio ? 📻La radio DAB+ désigne l'abréviation Digital Audio Broadcasting. Cette nouvelle technologie succède à la radio FM. Cela correspond au passage de la radio numérique terrestre (... (Read full post)

What is sales incentive?

Sales incentive is a technique that has long been used to motivate salespeople. It consists of setting objectives to be achieved and rewarding employees for the objectives achieved. Increase revenue, improve team cohesion, improve the average basket... (Read full post)

The relevance of promotional items in your communication strategy

The market for promotional items : always the same old story?Aaah who has never received the famous pen, notebook or keychain flocked with the effigy of a company? If writing and stationery advertising items are still at the top of the list of the mo... (Read full post)

The different marking techniques for promotional items

If you have already purchased promotional items, you may have noticed that there are several marking techniques. So if you are a little lost in all this vocabulary, here is an explanation of the different marking processes.Pad printing: This techniqu... (Read full post)