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High-tech new items

High-tech new items

To start this new year on the right path, we propose you to take a look at our latest high-tech products.

Fast Charge

TEA237M - Wireless charger fast charge

Our smartphones are becoming more and more efficient and their energy consumption is also increasing. Most of us reload our devices 1 to several times a day depending on how we use our mobiles.

In order to load faster, chargers are now able to send more power, allowing us to get loads up to 40% faster than a traditional charger. This new standard is called "Fast Charge".

Its operation is relatively simple. Fast Charge is safe and takes place on the first charge cycle of the battery, half of the battery then charges very quickly and the cycle then slows down to preserve the battery and its performance over time.

True wireless stereo

TES223S - Bluetooth® compatible wireless earphones

Become popularized by the release of Apple's famous AirPods, TWS technology allows you to pair two devices to get full stereo sound via Bluetooth and thus enjoy a truly wireless technology. In short, True Wireless Stereo allows synchronization of sound on both devices.

One of the two devices then becomes the "Master" device that receives the sound from one source and the second device becomes the "Slave" device depending on the master and no longer on the main source. It is now possible to pair two audio speakers via Bluetooth or to enjoy truly wireless headphones with easy use.


As you can see, Livoo Gift offers you a real high-tech and differentiating selection to impress your customers and make them feel good.