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The relevance of promotional items in your communication strategy

The market for promotional items : always the same old story?

Aaah who has never received the famous pen, notebook or keychain flocked with the effigy of a company? If writing and stationery advertising items are still at the top of the list of the most received items, the fact remains that the market for advertising items is changing rapidly!

No more cheap goodies, it must now be of high quality, durable but above all useful. This is how it is easy to understand that high-tech accessories (smartphone charger, USB key, etc.) are highly appreciated by customers.

Faced with a new, more suspicious generation, which is fed up with being attacked by advertising (and protects itself from it via advertising blockers), the advertising object can be a real way to communicate with your customers. Used properly, it strengthens customer relations and creates a link. Being attentive to your client means showing them that you care about your relationship!

It also highlights the company's values and increases brand awareness. This is why more and more companies are moving towards ecological, ethical or fun objects. A company that has chosen the tone of humour can easily "let loose" and choose crazy goodies, while a company that has put the emphasis on respect for the environment will have every interest in choosing an ecological object for example.

Advertising objects are a means of communication that reflect an image of your company. A poor quality promotional item and it is the insured drama. Indeed, a poor quality object gives the impression that the company does not pay attention to its customers and therefore does not want to buy a product from the company.

A study conducted by 2FPCO shows that:

● 89% of respondents have a positive perception of promotional gifts

● 58% of respondents were more favourable to the advertiser after receiving an advertising item

● 75% of French people remember the brand associated with an advertising object

The advertising object, like any communication action, can be a double-edged sword. Well chosen, the goodie will allow you to perpetuate the company-customer relationship.  Otherwise, it will take you away from your customers and damage your image. It is therefore an action that is being prepared and that requires real reflection, an allocated but well thought-out budget that will bring you great benefits.