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The different marking techniques for promotional items

If you have already purchased promotional items, you may have noticed that there are several marking techniques. So if you are a little lost in all this vocabulary, here is an explanation of the different marking processes.

Pad printing: This technique of ink transfer by a silicone pad, allows the printing of a large number of objects of concave, convex, flat, cylindrical or irregular shape, from single color to four-color printing. This method is affordable and particularly accurate.

Digital printing: This is an ink-jet technique without contact with the object that allows multi-colour and four-colour printing on all flat objects made of wood, plastic or metal materials.

Doming: This method uses a sticker printed in one or more colours, which is covered with a transparent resin layer. It is then possible to stick this sticker on all supports

Silkscreen printing: With silkscreen printing, the colours are transferred onto the substrate through a stencil. This marking process can be carried out on all flat surfaces and on cotton, jute, polyester, nylon materials....

Laser: the light beam directly marks the object; it is a privileged technique to mark objects in metal, wood, ceramic... It requires great precision. The laser engraves directly on the object in a durable and precise way. 

Each method has its advantages but the technique will also depend on the nature of the object to be marked.