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What is sales incentive?

Sales incentive is a technique that has long been used to motivate salespeople. It consists of setting objectives to be achieved and rewarding employees for the objectives achieved. Increase revenue, improve team cohesion, improve the average basket or customer retention. Whatever the objective, the best way to achieve it is to reward your teams for their efforts. 

Rewards can be diverse and varied: pay bonuses, gifts, gift cards, etc. Many companies turn to sales incentives through gifts because they not only provide a more fun aspect than a simple financial bonus but also bring more flexibility and freedom in the choice of rewards. Also ensure that your gifts remain in line with your company's values.  

What criteria should be taken into account when setting up sales incentives? 

To choose your gifts correctly, here are the criteria you should take into account:

Allocation of a budget: that is in adequacy with your means and the desires of employees.

SMART objective definition: define specific objectives | Measurable | Acceptable | Realistic | Timely defined.

The value of the reward: the higher the value, the greater the motivation but the greater the effort required. 

The type of reward: gift cards, goodies, travel, bonuses etc...

The adequacy of the gifts offered: discuss with your teams what they would like if you plan to set up a stimulation operation. 

Accessibility: each employee should be rewarded for their involvement, which is why we recommend that you offer different levels of gifts.

Facilitation around the challenge: it will be necessary to maintain stimulation communication throughout the period if you want your teams to remain involved.