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Our CSR approach

Livoo attaches great importance to the ethical, social & environmental aspects of our business.
The environment
All of our teams have been made aware of our environmental approach. We are committed to reducing waste, in particular by reducing the use of printing and systematically digitising documents. In addition, a waste sorting policy has been implemented at all our sites.
We also attach great importance to controlling our energy consumption, with the ongoing aim of reducing it as much as possible in order to save resources. 
Our suppliers are also aware of these steps and must comply with French and European regulations concerning the use of chemical substances in products. 
In addition, all our products are constantly monitored and checked in order to comply with all European standards in force (materials, devices, components, etc.). 

Labour law
As part of our activities, we are committed to effectively combating child labour and forced or unpaid labour. Similarly, we encourage our partners to make this a priority.
We are also committed to combating all forms of discrimination in the treatment of employees. Our human resources policy is based on diversity and respect. Furthermore, we consider the well-being of our employees to be essential. Our mission is to provide them with a pleasant working environment and a satisfactory quality of working life.
Every effort is made to ensure maximum employee safety in order to avoid any risks or accidents in the workplace.

We are committed to conducting all of our activities with ethics and transparency. 
We condemn any form or attempt of direct or indirect corruption.

Corporate governance
We favour participative management where dialogue with our employees is essential. This is why we have regular discussions with our staff representative to ensure a permanent link between employees and management.
We also strive to implement a continuous training policy for all our employees.

Delta recently conducted an Ecovadis audit to analyze its social and environmental performance (CSR) strategy.
Thanks to this good result, Delta ranks among the 26% of the best rated SMEs by EcoVadis. This allows us to receive a "Silver" level of recognition. 
We are happy and proud to have obtained this rating and continue to implement qualitative actions to satisfy all our stakeholders.
Ecovadis - what is it?
It is a platform for rating the social and environmental performance (CSR) of global supply chains. More than 55,000 companies use Ecovadis to reduce risk and promote transparency and trust between business partners.

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